Friday, August 31, 2012

Peter Franchot for Governor? Maybe

You know, if we absolutely had to have a Democrat as our next governor, it would be very easy to find someone more likeable than Martin O'Malley.  At this point it seems that the obvious contenders for the next gubernatorial election in Maryland will include Ken Ulman, the Howard County Executive, Tony Brown, the current Lieutenant Governor, the current State's Attorney Doug Gansler, and current State Comptroller Peter Franchot. 

Ken Ulman is a young aggressive higher-office seeking graduate of Centennial High School.  I've heard from people who knew him in high school and they said he was annoying as crap.  He reminded them of a salesman.  You bring him a problem, he'll tell you he can solve that before he even has any idea of how to solve it.  And his solutions are often questionable.  For example, he thinks that he can prevent deaths on the railroads in Howard County by building more fences around them.  Good thing the youth won't think to cut the fence or climb over it.

Tony Brown is a yes-man for Martin O'Malley.  O'Malley could say that dog poop is the official food of Maryland and Tony would roll up his sleeves and try to convince Marylanders that this is the greatest decision ever and we should all agree.

Doug Gansler has no clue about basic economics and finance and hates the Constitution.  I think of the potential contenders, Gansler has the least chance of being elected governor.

Peter Franchot, on the other hand, despite being a Democrat, seems to have his act together.  He disagrees with Governor O'Malley when O'Malley tries to sell crap to Marylanders.  Franchot and O'Malley are always bumping heads and I L-O-V-E it!  Franchot has kept the books in good order for the state.  And recently, Franchot reported a tax surplus for the state and told O'Malley and the other elected state officials that this was not to be viewed as a windfall for the state.  I disagree with his statement that the money should be applied to the state's rainy day fund, because that's always subject to careless raiding.  Instead, I think the money should be returned to the tax-payers of Maryland.  Not sure if that's legally allowed in this state, but it's definitely the right thing to do.

So while I'd rather see some balance in the politics in Maryland, meaning some more independents and Republicans, I think Franchot balances out the Democratic party a bit as a moderate, versus the left-wing extremist limousine liberal contingent that seems to dominate the State House and the General Assembly these days.  Therefore, if we have to have a Democrat win the next election, I would not be terrified of the results with Peter Franchot.

Hey, Smokey....

One thing I cannot stand is cigarettes.  The look, the smell, the litter.  What is it with cigarette smokers?  They think it's totally okay to toss their cigarettes out the window of the car.  When you are driving behind them, the cigarettes hit the wind and often fly back and hit your windshield.

This is always exciting when it's dark and there are still burning embers in the cigarette.  No doubt your hood will display a bright orange explosion as the embers crash into your car.

And stop lights - ever look at the curbs?  They're usually piled high with cigarette butts.  This is disgusting.  This is trash.  This is littering.  This is irresponsible.  This is inconsiderate.

I've decided that I'm going to start calling out these polluters.

Hey, you - person driving the late model silver Honda Odyssey with the Maryland license plate M924902 with the Liberty High School magnet and the Freedom Soccer magnet on the tailgate traveling eastbound on Liberty Road this morning about 7 a.m. - I didn't appreciate the cigarette you tossed out of the window that flew back and hit my car.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

New to Eldersburg - Auntie Anne's

New to the Wal-Mart in Eldersburg is an Auntie Anne's Pretzels.  It's located next to the Subway.  I'm fond of Auntie Anne's, not only because they serve great pretzels, but because Mrs. Anne has been to my house and she's a wonderful lady.

So head on down to Wal-Mart and get some low-quality communist Chinese-made products and buy a high-quality pretzel made by Americans!

All Broked Up

I love taking pictures of stupid signs.  Back when I worked in a factory, the pair of bump doors between the warehouse and the assembly area broke.  Someone on my crew put a sign on the doors that said, "BROKE".  Uhh......   So I took a Sharpie and put an "N" at the end.  Perhaps I was mistaken and the door had no money.

I was at Martin's grocery store in Eldersburg the other day when I came upon the a sign cut from the same cloth.  It was on one of the produce scales that prints out the sticker for the price.

As I once heard at Wal-Mart, "It's all broked up."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Fun With iPhones

You'll recall that in May of this year I got my first iPhone, which the industry deceptively identifies as "smart phones".  Then, in early August I got a new iPhone 3GS, though with some frustration.  Well, things got fun again.

One morning about a week and a half ago I was leaving for work and the new iPhone 3GS was dead.  I had forgotten to plug it in to the charger the night prior, and if you've ever owned an iPhone, you know that you have to charge them 8 times per day, otherwise the battery will die.  When I got to work I plopped it into my charger.  At about 10am I grabbed it to go to the gym and go for a run.  It has the MapMyRun app and my music.  Can't run without it.  Much to my chagrin, the phone was still dead.  What the heck?!!!

I ran without the phone.  It's not much fun running without my tunes.  You end up thinking too much.  When I got back to my massive corner office overlooking the park, I went through the normal process of trying to hold the two buttons and shutting it down and restarting.  Nothing.  Plug it into iTunes.  Nothing.  Ugh.  It's like déjà vu all over again!

I call AT&T.  They run me through the same processes that I just did.  They tell me they can't help me, but transfer me to Apple.  Apple runs me through the the same process, again!  Nothing.  They tell me to schedule an appointment with my conveniently located Apple store and it will get resolved, and I won't leave there without a phone.

My buddy Duckman is an iPhone Phanatic, except that he doesn't actually own an iPhone.  He wanted to go with me, so we went to the conveniently located Columbia Mall, which isn't really convenient.  The store is packed.  Granola-looking people are walking around with iPhones and iPads helping people.  After about 15 minutes past my appointment time, someone finally helps me.  I tell them that it's really crowded.  He looks around and gives me a smug smile.  "It's not crowded today.  Most days are worse."  Wow.

He takes my 3GS to the back and runs through a bunch of tests.  He said he took it apart and put it back together without any success.  When he returned he had that look of disappointment.  He said that he couldn't fix it and he had no replacements.  And since I already upgraded a week ago, he couldn't upgrade me.  So that means - I left without a phone.

The next day I called AT&T and told them my sob story.  I was really disappointed with Apple and couldn't believe they told me that I would not leave without a phone and yet they were unable to resolve my problem.  I asked if I could turn in my 3GS, cancel the upgrade, and get an iPhone 4S.  The customer service representative told me that he couldn't do that because I had already upgraded. I grunted and snarled and breathed heavily for a while.  Finally he relented and said he would talk to his supervisor.  He returned 7 1/2 minutes later and said that they were going to cancel my upgrade and I was free to get a new phone as if my upgrade never occurred.

In a matter of a few weeks, I owned 3 different iPhones.

I then asked what it would take to get an iPhone 4S.  He said I could order it online, but I wouldn't get it for a few days.  Or I could go to the nearest conveniently located AT&T store and buy one for $199.  I asked if he matched prices, and he said that Apple demands that they sell it for $199.  I told him (correctly) that Target was selling iPhone 4Ss for $149.  "Fantastic.  Go there and buy it."  I thought his response was a bit dismissive, but you know, I wanted a phone today, so I hung up and and called Target.

I spoke to a young man and told him my intentions.  He said he'd check to see if they had any 4Ss in stock.  He came back and said that he had one phone left, but it was white.  I was fine with that.  I worked a few more hours, then went to Target.  When I got there I saw a young man in the electronics department and approached him.  I told him I was there to buy an iPhone.  He asked if I was the one that called earlier in the day.  In a matter of a few minutes, Michael had me hooked up with a phone and it was already charged.  He was really cool  and I appreciated his help and told him I'd give him a shout-out for his awesome service.

So, if you're getting an iPhone, check out Target in Owings Mills.  And take your favorite Duckman with you.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Delegate Donald Dwyer's Drunk Day

If you haven't already heard, Anne Arundel County State Delegate Donald Dwyer Jr. was injured this week when he smashed his boat into another boat, injuring several passengers, including several children, on the Magothy River.

Delegate Dwyer took responsibility for his actions, something that we rarely hear from politicians.  It is reported that his blood alcohol level was 0.2, which is 2 1/2 times the legal limit in Maryland of 0.8.

Fortunately for Delegate Dwyer, Delegate Kumar Barve, a Democrat from Montgomery County, has set the precedence that Maryland politicians can be intoxicated while driving, be it a boat or a car, and totally get away with it.  Barve, a New York native, as you'll recall, hired a fellow member of the Maryland General Assembly in 2007 as his defense attorney and was given a wet willie behind the ear, PBJ, and an $800 fine.  Don't tell me having connections and money doesn't get you out of trouble.  Delegate Barve will proudly tell you the benefits of being wealthy and connected.

It will be interesting to see if Delegate Dwyer takes Delegate Barve's path and pretends everything is okay and then sponsors tougher drunk driving legislation to make people think he really learned his lesson, or if he will face the crowd and resign for his irresponsible actions.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pap-Pap's in Eldersburg Burglarized

I heard from a reliable source that Pap-Pap's Pizza place in the Oklahoma Center was burglarized recently.  Someone broke into the store and destroyed the cash registers and took money.  The store was forced to operate with a calculator until the new cash registers could be delivered and installed.

Word on the street is that Pap-Pap's was actually burglarized twice - once by the O'Malley administration with its anti-small business stance, which includes raising taxes, and a second time by someone who hates Jesus.

As you may know, Pap-Pap's is a Christian company.  Should we be outraged that they believe in God, like the folks at Chick-Fil-A?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big 40 Birthday List

I turn the big 40 on Friday.  Yep. 40.  Am I going through a mid-life crisis?  Not at all.  It's just a number.  If I was born on Mercury I'd be like 166 years old.  I'd be 65 years old on Venus, 3 years old on Jupiter, and a mere 6 months old on Uranaus.  Blah-hah-haha!

I've been asked several times what I want for my birthday.  I've thought long and hard, so here are the things you can get me if you feel so inclined.

1) Nikon SB910 Speedlight - helps to take better pictures in the dark

2) Porter Cable PC18ID 18V Bare Impact Driver

3) Bag of Jalapeno Cheetos

4) Apple MacBook Pro

5) Ferrari 250 GTO

6) Mizuno Wave Enigma 2 running shoes

7) Trip to Boston to visit historic sites

8) Kit Kat

9) Banjo

10) 750ml bottle of Maker's Mark

11) Ken Timmerman defeat of Chris Van Hollen in Maryland's 8th District in 2012 Congressional election

12) Martin O'Malley decides to not run for any future political office

13) one month of professional general house repairs

14) SeaVee 430 Express

15) Ford F-350 Super Duty King Ranch (to pull the SeaVee 430 Express, duh!)

16) a hot wife, oh, wait - I already have one of those!!!

17) ZZ Top car keys

18) Lincoln Navigator emblem (Pilot emblem is on the left side of my tailgate.  Then put Navigator on the right side.)

19) 3 pounds of bacon (and I don't mean Kevin Bacon)

20) recessed lighting throughout my house

21) and like Jeff Spicoli, I want Van Halen to play at my birthday party.

I think this is a fair list.  What do you think?

Fishing at Jonas Green - Many Firsts

As you probably know by now my son loves to fish more than anything else in the world.  He'd rather go fishing than eat.  What's really funny is that he hates eating fish.  He just does it for the sport.

One of his favorite places to fish is at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis.  It's just under Route 450 that crosses the Severn River into Annapolis.  The old Route 450 bridge was dismantled with a section remaining to be used by recreational fishermen.

Getting there is always fun.  We always happen to go on a Saturday, so we want to beat the Ocean City-bound traffic.  This means we have to get up at 5am and hit the road as soon as possible.  We pulled out of the driveway at 5:39am.  And not too surprisingly, there's a lot of traffic heading east on Route 50.  We got to Anglers right off of Route 50 at about 6:30.  They were fresh out of peelers (crabs that do not have a hard shell yet).  He offered us two dead soft shell crabs for the price of one and a half gallon of razor clams.  He said they really work.

We started off on the bridge and weren't catching anything.  Meanwhile, Sydney, James, and LeRoy were catching fish.  Not fair.  Then Sydney caught a toad fish.  I've heard about them, but have never seen one.  I told him that I wanted to catch one.  He said, "What the hell for?  They bite your finger off!"  I told him that it would be cool to say we caught one.  Moments later, my son caught one.  He's an ugly fella.

Then my son decided to go off and fish on the rocks alongside the bridge.  I could see him by looking over the side of the bridge.  There was an older black man next to me.  To strike up conversation I said, "My son can't sit still.  He has to move and fish from one place to another."  That did it.  He gave me the first degree.  "Why the hell ain't you over there fishing with him?  Things happen.  You need to be over there teaching him how to fish!"  "But he fishes better than me!"  "Then you need to be over there learning from him.  What's he gonna do if he catches an eel?" "He'll bring it over here for me to get off." "What about a toad fish or a blue fish?  They'd bite is finger off or jump up and bite his face.  You should be over there spending time with your son.  A father and son need to spend time together......"  And on and on and on and on.  "Okay, okay! I'll go over there."  Meanwhile all the other older black men on the bridge are laughing!  "He's givin' you the business!"

So now we're on the rocks fishing.  My son proceeds to catch a menhaden (his first), a little schooling fish, then a flounder, then a white perch, then a spot, then a 14 inch striped bass.  We move to the other side and time passes. Finally around 2pm the fish REALLY start biting. I catch my first white perch.  Then I catch a spot.  Then another.  Then I catch two at one time.  My son is catching fish like crazy.  I think he got up to 23 fish total.  He ends the day with a 15 inch red drum.  Anyone who fishes at Jonas Green knows that this is a prize.  Unfortunately, he's too small to take home.

We finally leave around 4pm.  Tired.  9 hours of fishing.  But a good time.  It's fun for a father to spend time with his son.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's Amazing What is Genetic

I have absolute proof that my son is related to my wife's family.  My mother-in-law does the same thing.  They all open 12 packs of soda by tearing the center of the box rather than opening the box through the perforated section at the front of the box.  This drives me nuts!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ATT Wireless - When is an Upgrade Not an Upgrade?

Catastrophe stuck Eldersburg on Friday last week.  My iPhone 3 GS stopped working.  At first I thought the battery just needed to be charged.  I put it in my docking station at work.  When I was ready to go to the gym I picked it up, it made no noise.  I did the hard boot, pressed both buttons and the same time and held them, but to no avail.  I ended up running in silence, not knowing my time, not jamming to the Bulletboys.

I came home and immediately jumped on the Internet (pretty much like I do everyday) and searched for answers.  Do this.  Do that.  Nothing worked.  I sent alerts to my tech-savvy friends.  Conclusion - it was dead.  D.E.A.D- dead.  Tarter sauce!

I looked online for a new one as I know I'm eligible for a new phone.  I could get one for 99 cents, but it would take a few days to get here.  I decided that I could tough it out for a day and get a new one in the store on Monday.

On Monday I went to the AT&T store in Owings Mills near the Crossroads Medical Center on Reisterstown Road.  I didn't realize it, but that place is a former shoe box converted into a store.  And they didn't have the 3GS, just $199 4S's, and I didn't want to spend that much money.  He recommended that I visit the store in Pikesville in the Woodholme Shopping Center near Trader Joe's.

I got there and used the that wasn't made of plywood.  I would have posted a picture of it, but alas I didn't have an operating cellphone camera with me.  I asked the lady if she had any 3GSs.  She said they did and went to the back to get one.  She returned with a sassy lip and apologized and said they did not have any.  She looked in the system and the closest store with a 3GS was in Montgomery County.  No thanks.  She recommended I try online.  Then she tried to sell me a new cover for my phone.  They cost $49 for a piece of rubber shaped like the outside of the phone.  If the phone is 99 cents, then the rubber cover costs 4,800% more than the phone.  Ridiculous?  I think so.

I got back to work and went online to order the 3GS.  Then I got to a screen and it said that the 99 cent phone would be $37.05 after Martin O'Malley gets his taxes and AT&T got its upgrade fee.  An upgrade fee?  Is this really an upgrade?  I'm going from an Apple iPhone 3GS to an Apple iPhone 3GS.  Doesn't seem like an upgrade to me.

I called the customer service and asked the lady about the upgrade fee.  She said it applies.  I reminded her that upgrade means something that is enhanced or improved, to raise to a higher standard.  Since I'm trading the same phone for another, it's not technically an upgrade.  She disagreed, though with no defining reason.  I asked what was different between the 3GS that I was ordering and the one I was replacing (other than the obvious point that the new one would work).  She was confused.  I then asked her if AT&T was misusing the vernacular of the word 'upgrade'.  Silence.  Never mind.

Am I out of line?  Or is this not really an upgrade? If they want to charge me $36, that's fine.  Call it a replacement fee.  But don't call it an upgrade fee when there's no upgrade to be had.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mayor Rawlings-Blake Loves Free Tickets

It was reported in the Baltimore Sun this week that the Mayor's office and the Baltimore City Council's office have been receiving free tickets to sporting and entertainments events, such as Ravens' games, Orioles' games, and concerts.

There was a general sense of outrage when the story broke, but Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the Baltimore City Council assured us that no tax payers money is being used, therefore it's okay.  Then there was a general sigh of relief.  That's unfortunate.

I'm sure many government officials in states and cities across the country do the same thing.  This is most likely the second argument that we'll hear from the free ticket consumers.

What people fail to realize is that these tickets are what one might consider soft donations.  It's not money, but there is a monetary equivalent.  And while it's important that there is no tax payer money involved in the acquisition of the tickets, it misses the point.  By providing elected officials with this benefit, intentionally or unintentionally, they are gaining favor which may influence their behavior on municipal or legal matters involving the organizations providing the tickets.

Let's say that I own a theater on North Eutaw Street in downtown Baltimore.  Let's say that there is another push to raise property taxes.  And let's say that the sidewalks and street lights are older on this street and need to be replaced.  I'll schedule a meeting to see the Mayor or City Council.  I'll make my speech, state my grievances, make my requests, and before I leave I say, "Oh, by the way, here are some tickets to the latest shows at my theater, compliments of the house."

Is this not a problem?  Most would agree that it would be.  While this may not directly be the situation, by continuously providing these tickets, these owners of sports and entertainment venues will be able to get a quick ear with the Mayor or the City Councilmen and most likely get favorable opinions and rulings from them.

In the private sector, profit is the motive, but companies are regulated by the government or quasi-government organizations such as FINRA and the SEC.  Bribery and conflicts-of-interest are no-no's subject to punishment by these regulating organizations.  I would not be allowed to accept tickets to free concerts or sporting events unless it's a business meeting with the client or the value of the tickets is less than some ridiculously low amount.  Why are government officials not subject to this same sort of requirement?  Is hypocrisy the rule of the City Hall?

The citizens of Baltimore and Maryland have a right and an obligation to be outraged about the free tickets scandal and should demand an end to it immediately.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Closing in Eldersburg - Shopper's Food Warehouse?

The latest rumor I heard today is that Shopper's Food Warehouse, better known as Shopper's, will be closing in the Freedom Village Shopping center.  This news, if true, should not shock anyone.  Of the four current grocery stores (not including Wal-Mart), Shopper's is by far the least busy.  It occupies the former Martin's Grocery store site, which, in its new site, is by far the busiest grocery store in Eldersburg.

If the rumored Super Wal-Mart gets built at the current Carrolltown Center, that would have been a death knell for Shopper's, and possibly Safeway, too.  Safeway, by the way, had 12 pack cans of soda on sale for $4.99, save $3.99 per box.  How in the H-E-double hockey stick is this a sale?

Have you heard the Shoppers rumor?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New to Eldersburg: Roma's

I'm not sure what really changed here, other than the banner that is now strung across the Jerry's Subs and Pizza.  Hopefully a more professional sign is in the works.  And hopefully they get more business than Jerry's did.  O'Malley hopes for that, too, as it is more tax revenue that can be funneled to Prince George's County and Baltimore City.

Eldersburg National Night Out

I went to my first Eldersburg National Night Out this year.  The event previously had been held at the Carrolltown Center, since they weren't using their parking lot for anything.  I read that there was no electricity available for them to use this year, so the event had to be relocated.

I read that it was being held at the Sykesville Freedom Fire Department fair grounds.  I drove by last week to check out the fields because one of my kids was to have a soccer practice there.  To my surprise, there were two excavators and a bulldozer in the fields with a wide ditch running from the far end of the field to the fire department.  How in the heck are we supposed to play soccer there?  And have a National Night Out?

Today I was surprised when I arrived and the ditches were filled and covered with straw and quick-grow grass.  The construction tractors were moved to the side.  And the parking lot and adjoining fields were full of cars!

Like a little kid I was immediately drawn to the Sykesville Freedom fire trucks.  Here's the new 2012 Pierce Pumper.  I've seen this truck pass us on the road.  It has some serious lights on it.  Strobes, colored circling lights.  You can't miss this monster coming at you.

Here's one of the Sykesville police cars.  This thing looks like a real bad ass.  The best place to find this car is sitting at the bottom of the hill on Raincliffe Road and at the intersection Obrecht Road and Wimmer Lane doing radar.  If you're doing 25.1 miles per hour, they will nail you.  I know it drives people nuts, but I go like 19 mph on those roads.  And it's always good to smile and waive as you're driving by.

Here is a 1957 Ford Sykesville Police car.  Back in 1957, you could see this car sitting at the bottom of the hill on Raincliffe Road and at the intersection Obrecht Road and Wimmer Lane doing radar.

Here is Carroll County Sheriff's obligatory Mobile Command Unit.  All jurisdictions throughout the country are required to have one.  I'm sure this was obtained with Department of Homeland Security grant money.  This vehicle comes in handy at the 4th of July parade in Westminster and at events like National Night Out.

Are you old enough to have watched M*A*S*H?  This is a 1953 Dodge mobile hospital truck.  This thing is in great condition.  Alan Alda was not to be found.

Here's a partial ensemble of the Sykesville Freedom Fire Trucks.  Note the first responder ATV12.

Here's the 2007 E-One Pumper.  I think I went for a ride in this fire truck for my son's 5th birthday.

National Night Out was entertaining.  I saw Carroll County Commissioner Doug Howard, Maryland State Delegate Susan Krebs, former candidate Larry Helminiak, several of my friends, and Sparky the fire dog.  We got free pencils, entered plenty of raffles, got free tea from Starbucks, and a free hot dog and soda from the fire department.  I was pushing my daughter in her wheel chair and she said she wanted a soda.  The fire department was requesting $1 to purchase a soda.  I told my daughter that we had to go back to the car to get my wallet.  I then heard one of the fine firemen say, "Don't worry dad.  What would like, sweetheart?" (obviously to my daughter, not me)  Thank you!  Support your local fire department.  Please make a donation.

Here's a picture of the fire department's rebuilding efforts.  If you recall, the reception hall burned down in that huge snow storm several years ago when the weight of the snow collapsed the roof and it sheered the gas light, which ignited and burned it down.  The new hall seems bigger and more aesthetically pleasing.  I look forward to when it opens.

Did you make it out to National Night Out?

Friday, August 03, 2012

Chick-Fil-A: Separation of Church and Business?

Syrian Civil War?  Obama versus Romney?  The Olympics?  Nope.  Who knew that the biggest news of the summer would be that Chick-Fil-A hates gay people and wants to kidnap them and convert them to heterosexuals or allow them to die?  Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?  If you're on Facebook, this is exactly the kinds of things you've been reading.

We'll start with a fact.  Chick-Fil-A owner Dan Cathy was recently asked if he's against gay marriage.  He responded by saying that he supported traditional marriage.  BOOM!  Busted!!!  How dare the president of a privately owned company claim that he has a belief that violates one of the core beliefs of the liberal media and many Americans???

I saw one of those Your Cards on Facebook that read: Let's ask the Christian owner of a restaurant chain that isn't open on Sunday his view on gay marriage and act surprised and outraged when we don't like his answer.  I think this accurately sums it up.  I think this was a total set-up.  Seek and destroy the companies that have Christian beliefs for they violate the principles of others.

I then got to thinking.  We have a separation of Church and state, or at least we do in most of the country.  If you've ever been in the South you'll know that it's not necessarily the case.  In case you were wondering, the actually basis is from the Free Exercise Clause, which is the accompanying clause of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

But something bigger is at work here.  A vocal portion of society is pushing for a separation of Church and business.  No business shall have any opinions or beliefs that violate the beliefs of the vocal liberal state.  Am I off base here?  Or did I hit the nail on the head?  Anyone who is a practicing Christian is labeled a bigot for following the religious belief that only a man and a woman should get married.  I should clarify - I think all religions have some stance against gay marriage.  And don't you find it a bit ironic when the Christians are attacked and labeled as bigots?  Aren't the people that hate the Christians and call them bigots actually bigots themselves?

And you know it's out of hand when elected officials start chiming in taking sides on the issue.  Loose liberal Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel and Boston Mayor Thomas Manino said they would do what they could to prevent Chick Fil A from expanding to their cities.  So if you have an opinion that differs with Rahm Emanuel, you're not allowed to open a business in Chicago?  That's F-d up!  Even former Maryland Delegate Saqib Ali agrees with that (as seen on Facebook).

Any by the way, where's the ACLU in all this mess?  The ACLU is a strong supporter of the First Amendment.  For those of you that attended Baltimore City Public Schools, the First Amendment protects free speech.  The ACLU has supported hate speech for years.  They should be rushing to the defense of Chick-Fil-A.  Where are they?  Oh, wait.....they did side with Chick-Fil-A!!!  I bet this has the liberals' tie-dye t-shirts all up in a wad.

I'm not saying I'm against gay marriage, but I'm definitely against the attack against Christians and religion on general.  I will continue to support Chick-Fil-A.  Let's allow the elected officials to take care of the laws and leave people who believe something different alone.

Coming to Eldersburg - Super Wal-Mart???

Did you miss me?  I've been on vacation and my wife says that I cannot blog about the vacation, because people would know we were on vacation then they would burglarize our house.  And who wants to blog when you're on vacation when you can be playing in the sand or drinking fruity drinks?

Anyway, I heard some gossip through the grapevine.  I'm not sure how much truth there is to this, but I've heard it from 3 people now, so either it's a fast spreading rumor, or there's some truth to it.  Are you ready?  Wait for it......Black Oak Associates is in negotiations with Wal-Mart to build a Super Wal-Mart in the Carrolltown Center.  Have you heard this one?  As they say in the Snickers commercial, "Great googly moogly."

If it does happen, do you think we'll run into Joe Nichol's eggs and artichoke hearts?

I 'Googled' it, but couldn't find any information.  Have you heard anything like this?

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